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Buy more Save more!

2021 Sep 15th

Get 30% discount on bulk purchase.As quantity is higher the discount will be higher. 30% discount is for over 40 yards of fabric and is not limited to one product. The discount is applying to one category. For example if purchase canvas different color and sum are 40 yards it discounted  automatically 30%, the same for 10% and 20 % discount.See the percentage of discount related to yards in table below.Minimum qty Discount value by %5   yards5%10  yards7%30  yards15%40  yards30%.  Please do not add any Coupon after you get D …

aerial fabric 90” width

2019 Sep 26th

aerial fabric 90” width
We sell aerial fabric 90” width and already tested with satisfactionthis fabric is 90" wide and 100% polyester


2019 May 8th

Burlap Fabric DIY - CraftSMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL with burlap you can make million of craft .from curatin to bag and wedding event to table cloth .table cloth from burlap fabricyou can some trim lace and sew arround the burlap and make table runner,or make basket wave with strip burlap fabric and make table runner.basket wall hanging,this is another wonderfull ideal it can be very easy one .sewing like funnelSLXLM working with burlap fabric is very easy ,cutting it and sewing is not hard at all.this is another way to make Basket wave table runner with burlap fabricMLXLS cut burlap strip …

Cotton Quilting

2019 May 8th

There are many different types of fabric that can be used in quilt making and it is important to make sure you use the right ones. The following articles will teach you about some of the major fabric types and help you choose the right fabric for your creation.Basic Quilting Fabrics ­CottonCottons Quilting Fabrics are really the most common type of quilting fabric. They are strong, easy to use and often colorfast. 100% cotton fabrics will generally not be as bright or deep in color as cotton mixes such as cotton/polyester, however they are very good at keeping shape and color which is really i …

Linen and Cotton what is difference?

2017 Jul 11th

Linen and Cotton what is difference?
Linen and Cotton what is difference?linen fabric Cotton and linen are natural fiber linen is from flax plant and cotton from cotton plant. Linen is cooler than cotton, both absorb water very much, linen is hallow and let air flow in side the fabric.People  in hot country wet the linen  to cool down. Linen is the most strong and longest fiber and make it durable fabric. linen is soft after use, but cotton is softer fiber. Linen Wrinkle easier than cotton. …