2019 May 8th

Burlap Fabric DIY - CraftSMLXL SMLXL SMLXL SMLXL with burlap you can make million of craft .from curatin to bag and wedding event to table cloth .table cloth from burlap fabricyou can some trim la … read more

Cotton Quilting

2019 May 8th

There are many different types of fabric that can be used in quilt making and it is important to make sure you use the right ones. The following articles will teach you about some of the major fabric … read more
Linen and Cotton what is difference?

Linen and Cotton what is difference?

2017 Jul 11th

linen fabric Cotton and linen are natural fiber linen is from flax plant and cotton from cotton plant. Linen is cooler than cotton, both absorb water very much, linen is hallow and … read more

designer fabric

2017 Jun 19th

    Business Office 530 Keele Street, Suite304 Toronto, ON M6N 3C9 Tel: (416) 595-0001 Fax: (416) 595-5540 Email:         Hom … read more

Upholstery fabric

2017 Jun 3rd

We carry million meter upholstery fabric, our upholstery fabric are stock all in Toronto location, but when you looking for fabric store near me ,we are near you, Canada Post delivery to every city a … read more