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Choose the Right Upholstery Fabric with Fabric Fabric!

2017 Mar 28th

Do you have an exciting upholstery project coming up but you’re not sure what type of fabric to pick? Choosing the right fabric can truly make or break your sofa or chair, especially if you love the piece of furniture and want to give it fresh look and extend its lifespan. In this blog, we’ll discuss the correct fabrics to choose for upholstery. If you’re searching for beautiful and affordable upholstery fabric, check out our incredible selection on We’re sure you’ll find the perfect material for your project so shop now!

Evaluate Your Decorating Style

You may find yourself falling in love with a beautiful navy blue cotton toile, but if your style is contemporary modern, a couch that reflects more of a country French design could completely upset your entire living room and cause you to have to reupholster your already reupholstered pieces. Take a minute to think about colors, textures, and prints that will compliment the room. It’s also important to note that if you’re choosing a printed fabric that it won’t clash with other designs in the room. Get second and third opinions on your choices and keep your options open. If you find that you don’t have the eye to pick the right material or texture, search for local interior designers that could offer their professional opinion. Don’t stress out or overthink too much, otherwise you’ll find yourself never happy with the final choice, but do wait until you’re absolutely sure of your choice.

If you’re planning a complete style change, reupholstering a major piece of furniture is also an excellent way to start the transition. Perhaps you previously loved your kelly green couch, but you’re now interested in toning your home down and bringing in more neutral shades. Instead of having to purchase new furniture, keep your current sofa and choose a natural weave linen to recover it. Within a few short months, you can have a brand new couch that perfectly fits your new preferences with less than half of the investment you would have to place in a new sofa.

Do You Have Kids or Pets?

While you may adore your kids and/or your pets, sometimes they can be the demise of your favorite furniture pieces. If your home will be a play zone and an animal sanctuary for the next several years, consider a fabric that is stain resistant and will wear well. With the high demand for fabrics that can stand up to both pet and human wear, more and more companies are releasing gorgeous materials that are also durable. Stay away from delicate options, like silk, that can catch on a cat’s claw or will stain quickly if peanut butter is dropped on it. Read reviews on the best types of fabric for your family so you can enjoy your newly upholstered couch without the stress of stains or pulls.

Think About Age

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make is not considering how the fabric wears over time. Sure, that tufted taffeta is beautiful, but can begin to lose its shape as the months and years pass, and time will march across that wild print and maybe make your home look a little dated in just a few years. Research the best fabrics for upholstery that will last for years on end and how to care for them properly. Some materials are sensitive to the sun and can’t be in direct light, so you might have to draw your drapes in the morning. Other fabrics may need to be professionally steam cleaned once a year to remove excess dirt. Still others, like leather, might require weekly oiling so they won’t crack or age correctly. Be sure to keep these important conditions in mind when choosing the fabric for your reupholstery project.

Deciding on material for your next upholstery project is extremely exciting, especially when the new fabric will be the final touch to your living room or den. However, this process can be quite involved and take a few months to nail down. Don’t balk at the extensive array of available upholstery fabrics. For a huge selection of incredible and quality upholstery material, check out now. You’ll be sure to find exactly what you’re searching for without breaking the bank. Shop the entire upholstery section today!